Royal Rituals combine our signature holistic Body Treatments with Massage & aromatherapy for the ultimate Royal Care Lifestyle experience.
2 hours / $189 ($138 members)

Renew Ritual

Lymphatic Boost + Renew Massage
Our Holistic Healing approach to a full body cleanse
Lymphatic dry brushing stimulates the lymph system, boosts your immunity, & expels toxins while slowing your mind to a healing pace. A tailored massage utilizes the detoxifying properties of grapefruit, lemongrass & bergamot & is followed with a nurturing detox body wrap.

Restore Ritual

Back Clarity + Restore Massage
Our Holistic Healing approach to chronic upper body pain relief  

A tailored massage begins with the power of eucalyptus, lemongrass & rosemary to unwind tension. A gentle cleanser, exfoliating body scrub, & clarifying clay mask focus on the often neglected areas of back, shoulders & upper arms. Melt away with an ultra-moisturizing, anti-oxidant body wrap.

Revive Ritual

Hot Stone Massage + Hot Stone Foot Scrub
Our Holistic Healing approach to chronic lower body pain relief
The Revive blend of essential oils warms the body by enhancing circulation as a Hot Stone Massage provides deep muscle relaxation. Hand & Foot Reflexology gently stimulates your chi. Exfoliating scrub and ultra-moisturizing foot creme feature pain-relieving willow bark & peppermint.