As of Saturday, 12/12/20, Sonoma County is on Stay at Home Order.
We will only be open for Medical Massage. 

Combine our signature Spa Body Treatments or Therapeutic Yoga with Therapeutic Massage for a 2 hour Royal Ritual – the ultimate Royal Care Lifestyle experience.

Recharge Ritual

Cranial Care + 90 min Therapeutic Massage
Gentle facial massage reduces inflammation & increases collagen production. Followed by scalp massage with nourishing oil to deeply relax, condition hair & improve scalp health. Includes 90 minute Therapeutic Massage.
2 hours / $197

Rejoice Ritual

Session begins with one-on-one yoga inspired stretching & finishes with a Therapeutic Massage tailored to your needs.
You will be guided through movements to strengthen your back & shoulders, with emphasis placed on the Heart Chakra- the energy source for compassion, love, & balance. The atmosphere includes a combination of uplifting meditative music & heart-opening aromatherapy.
2 hours / $197
No experience is required for the stretching sequences. Suitable for all ages and activity levels.
Regularly available on Wednesdays.
Please email to reserve a Thursday or Friday appointment.

Renew Ritual

Lymphatic Boost + Therapeutic Massage
Ayurvedic dry brushing on your arms, legs & back to stimulate the lymph system, boost your immunity & expel toxins. Includes an ultra-moisturizing & detoxifying body wrap. Includes 60 minute Therapeutic Massage
2 hours / $197

Revive Ritual

Hot Stone Foot Scrub + Hot Stone Massage
Hand & foot reflexology stimulates chi, Hot Stone Massage relaxes the legs & feet, followed by an exfoliating scrub & soothing foot creme. Includes 60 minute Hot Stone Massage.
2 hours / $197